This web site has been published for the promotion of the gallery which exibits and presents painting works done in watercolour technique.

The idea of the founder is to gather creators and to affirm protagonists of this discipline, hoping they'll give their contribution in developing painting in watercolour technique in our circles. The gallery is detemined for permanent interest in watercolour technique and achivements of its creators, and therby it relies on cooperation with destinguished pedagogues and critics. Regarding the fact that it is an antient art skill which is standing on the real beginings of the whole art expresion and is in the bare of all the other techniques, the gallery has takenas its own symbol the "A" letter, A as AQUA, A as ART, and as phaleographical writing of number one. At the same time, it is the sign of resistance that watercolour technique stands in the shadow of younger disciplines, the sign of priority and return to pure artism.

Thereby, the great part of important watercolourists is here presented. All of them are with a good reason notified followers of water and pigment, searching for soft and luminous light in the scenery, on face, in ourselves on the sky.

Even St. Sava has said one of the crucial characteristics of the people from our ground: "THOSE ON EARTH DON'T ACNOWLEDGE ANYONE ABOVE THEM, BUT THE SKY LIGHT"

The spiritual side of those roots adours their gift and power to describe the light.